Janna Ronert, founder and CEO & Dr. Marc Ronert, president and medical director, Image Skincare

Janna Ronert, founder and CEO, Image Skincare


Janna Ronert is a Nebraska-raised farm girl who started her business before she had a passport in a one-bedroom apartment in Houston in 2003. Now, Image Skincare sells cosmoceuticals (cosmetic products with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients) in the United States and more than 30 countries. It has 150 employees and representatives.

Ronert’s management philosophy is to hire a few great people. The executive team consists of herself as CEO, the president and medical director (her husband, Marc) and the chemist. All employees who work in the core business operations outside of the executive team are licensed aestheticians.

Dr. Marc Ronert, president and medical director, Image Skincare

Despite Image Skincare’s growth, the Ronert strategy remains as basic as it did when Janna had one employee and no customers. Their management style is stemmed in her belief that employees should be treated like family and close relationships and loyalty should be treasured.

As the business grows, the Ronerts are maintaining their core values throughout the world by creating channels for connecting with their employees. Their loyalty is evident in their long-term relationships. As of today, the Ronerts still has the same chemist from 2003 and stay in touch with their first customer and their initial banker, even though the debt was paid off in 2004.

Janna said her best advice came from her father: Never forget where you came from and always remain humble and thankful. The Ronerts give back to the community through a nonprofit foundation they started in 2011 called Care for Skin Foundation. Its mission is to go to third-world countries and provide free plastic and reconstructive surgeries to people who are less fortunate.

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