Jeff Evans turned challenge into opportunity at The Will-Burt Co.

Jeff Evans did not hunker down and ride out the storm that was the great recession of 2008 and 2009. Rather, he seized an opportunity for growth at The Will-Burt Co. through strategic expansion, the purchase of new equipment and the addition of 75 employees. He also led an aggressive push toward international expansion with the addition of two overseas offices.
As for those who were already working at the manufacturing company, they received new training and Evans expanded his marketing strategies to drive sales growth and win more market share. He also led the way on two acquisitions that helped expand the company’s product offerings and expanded its presence by moving into new markets.
That willingness to take on new challenges is something Evans put a lot of emphasis on when he arrived at Will-Burt. The company’s president and CEO wanted to develop a coalition of individuals who shared a vision of change and growth and who would be comfortable working in that kind of environment.
By achieving early wins and continuing to add talent, Evans led the organization toward a greater willingness and capability to deal with change, identify risks worth taking and move forward with initiatives to help the business grow and prosper.
This aggressive leadership style also helped position Will-Burt to withstand and overcome threats from competition by way of new products or discounted pricing. Evans focuses on getting to know his clients and staying in touch with their needs. By doing so, he’s been able to lead Will-Burt to the No. 1 market share position in the United States.
Evans firmly believes in running the business with a marketing focus centered on development of complete solutions to meet customer requirements. This approach has helped Will-Burt both grow its sales and increase customer satisfaction.

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