Jeff Maling, co-CEO; Geoff Cubitt, co-CEO, Roundarch Isobar

Jeff Maling, Co-CEO, Roundarch Isobar

Technology – Finalist

When global e-business leaders WPP Group plc and Deloitte Consulting launched Roundarch in 2000 at the height of the dot-com boom, Jeff Maling and Geoff Cubitt were on board.

Five years later, when the company had only one active client and was up for sale, they were still on the scene. But this time, they were the buyers. Their last effort to stay with Roundarch by extending an offer to buy the firm was successful.

Since that time, the two co-CEOs have overseen a 40 percent compounded annual growth by offering rich Web applications, mobile apps, digital marketing campaigns and other digital experiences for the world’s largest organizations.

Geoff Cubitt, Co-CEO, Roundarch Isobar

As an indication of success, business grew nearly seven times over in revenue, employee growth grew to 250 from 35 and million-dollar losses were wiped out. In February, Roundarch accepted an offer from Aegis Media. Maling and Cubitt took over a business called Isobar, and the combined firm became Roundarch Isobar. Nearly 500 employees comprise the new entity.

Roundarch’s relationship with its blue-chip clients has been developed over many years. With Motorola, the U.S. Air Force, Avis, Bloomberg, HBO and Healthways, the client list has been maintained not only through strong management but through an operating model that emphasizes accountability over hierarchy and a culture that rewards performance and innovation.

The values of client satisfaction, respect, focus and results are the touchstones of keeping the company doing the right things without the normal hierarchical structure. A Value Awards program is held regularly to recognize employees who best exemplify these ideals.

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