Jeff Walker, president, Super D

Jeff Walker, Super D

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Jeff Walker


Super D

Jeff Walker was still attending the University of California-Irvine when he wrote his business plan for a music store.

After graduating, he teamed up with a business partner to open a CD listening bar in San Juan Capistrano in 1990. Over the next 21 years, Walker transitioned a single music store with one employee into an international wholesaler and retailer of music, movies, books and video games called Super D.

Walker now has a team of 320 employees and has come a long way since running a one-employee business.

He has faced a wide range of adversity, but Walker always approaches these challenges head-on with commitment to integrity and hard work. He is a critical thinker that provides the vision to Super D and enjoys creating opportunities for the employees to grow.

Super D has become a company that has had to thrive on fast growth and an ever-changing business.

The company was once 100 percent retail, then 100 percent wholesale, and now, in 2012, is 78 percent retail and 22 percent wholesale as it has transitioned to follow the growth of the music and video industries.

In 2000, Walker focused the company on three key areas: service, selection and technology to drive the company to success.

Building an industryexperienced sales team, the world’s largest instock selection of music and video, and developing advanced technology to streamline efficiencies, Walker saw growth against the economic and music industry downturns.

Super D is currently expanding in-stock selection of music, video and games while also entering the selling of books, fragrances, electronics and other products.

With an exceptional distribution system and multiple sales channels, Super D expects to more than double revenue by 2016.