Jeffrey R. Clark, president and CEO, Anthony

Winner — Distribution and Manufacturing

Jeffrey R. Clark’s motto of “Get ’er done” has become widespread throughout Anthony. Over the years, Clark’s employees have seen him use this philosophy to drive the company to new heights — doing what it takes to exceed the competition and better serve customers.

As president and CEO of Anthony, Clark is unfazed by challenges such as the uncertain economy, adverse interest rates, high oil prices and political obstacles. Instead, he sees every situation as an opportunity to keep the company at the top of its industry.

Since he joined Anthony in 1990, the company’s revenue has grown tenfold — a testament to his global vision of making Anthony a worldwide leader in merchandising.

The company’s original business plan was to provide quality glass doors for supermarkets, where there was a clear industry need. But before Clark came on board, the company had never made an acquisition and lacked a clear direction for long-term growth.

To stay one step ahead of the competitors, Clark knew that he needed to focus on expanding its international footprint, pursuing acquisition opportunities to grow its market share and its niche with customers. Clark made the strategic decision to buy out Anthony’s largest competitor when it was losing $1 million per month. With the highly successful acquisition and several others since, the company has been able to gain 70 percent market share.

Innovation is a key area of focus for Clark. To increase sales and volume at Anthony, he has pushed the business to invest in new growth areas, for example, developing multicost products that cover all areas of customer needs. He also promotes the development of the company’s green, energy-efficient products, which can reduce customer energy costs up to 71 percent.

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