Jerry Azarkman – Keep your head above water when the times get tough

In business, as in life, there are turning points. Sometimes they mean good days are ahead for your company. At other times, unfortunately, they represent the beginning of a more difficult stretch for you and your employees.

As business owners, we have the responsibility to make these turns and convert the challenges into opportunities. When you take the attitude that there is no problem you cannot change and translate it into a chance to grow your business, you give your company a better chance to achieve success.


See through the clouds

Decisions need to be made and the ability to see through the clouds that dim your view can make all the difference. Initiate conversations with your associates and with your customers and ask them what works and what needs to be changed or improved. The critical next step that many leaders fail to do is listen to suggestions and enact the ones that can help the business.

There was a time when I had only $20 in my pocket and seemingly little hope for the future. It was a critical moment where I had to make it happen in order to achieve my dreams.   

It’s those critical moments that determine success and failure. When times are tough, reach out to those around you and continue searching for answers.

Clarity will come your way if you keep trying because giving up is not an option for true entrepreneurs. Evaluate what worked before and understand why it is not working today. Maybe the person who was making it happen moved to a different position or left the company. Maybe you haven’t given enough attention to training.

Or it could just be that the category is now obsolete. In that case, how are you going to replace it? Is there another category that will bring you similar results?


Be up-close and involved

Being hands-on in your business is a way to understand your business better. Spend time with your operations personnel and you will quickly find the effort and potential you need to propel your business and excel. It’s often at that moment when things look their bleakest that you reach a turning point that changes everything for the better. You could be this close, and if you give up, you will regret it the rest of your life.

There is nothing easy about being successful in business. Once you open your business, you constantly need to be renewing it through the eyes of your customers. It could be the same operation, but through rebranding, refreshing and restocking you can bring new air to your tired business lungs.  

Take advantage of every opportunity you find and understand that there will be turning points. But believe that they can make you stronger by figuring it out and working with your team to turn the opportunities in your favor. Always pay attention to your customers. They will provide you with your best feedback and at the end they are the ones you will need to please in order to keep them coming back.

We all have something that keeps us going. In those moments of doubt, I always remember the words of my father, “Nothing stands against your will.”


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