John Boncher, president and CEO, Cupertino Electric Inc.

John Boncher, president and CEO, Cupertino Electric Inc.


Not many understand the competitive nature of the construction industry. Technological innovation is sometimes more important on job sites than innovation for some of the technology industry’s mega-giants like Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft and Yahoo, all of whom are clientele of Cupertino Electric Inc. Cupertino Electric is a provider of engineering and construction services led by President and CEO John Boncher. Boncher has risen through the ranks by focusing on customer needs, delivering results, exploring new market opportunities and capitalizing on the core strengths of CEI to expand the business.

The company employs innovation that relates to the construction of multimillion-dollar projects from data centers, solar panels and office buildings to football stadiums and nuclear accelerator labs. In order to accomplish the type of innovation necessary in the electrical engineering industry, Boncher relies on research and knowledge of his staff, analysis of the market and the industry to take calculated risks and understand the underlying mechanics of what they have been contracted to create. Some of CEI’s competitors aim to get ahead by agreeing to jobs regardless of the contract negotiated with the client and will charge more later on to preserve their profits.

CEI’s competitive advantage is a proven track record of high-quality service and corporate integrity. Because of Boncher’s strong adherence to the philosophy that people should conduct their business with honesty and integrity, he has terminated relationships with clients who don’t follow the same philosophy. He had the moral aptitude to identify the customer’s questionable behavior and to illustrate his belief that values are nonnegotiable and are more important than profit. The industry took notice of CEI’s integrity and now the firm attracts new business through existing client relationships and by showcasing the expertise of its talented professionals.

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