John Duffy, founder and CEO, 3Cinteractive

John Duffy, 3Cinteractive


John Duffy

founder and CEO


As the founder and CEO of 3Cinteractive, John Duffy looks for new technologies that create shifts in behavior, on the side of businesses as well as consumers. With 25 years of experience in communications and payment processing, he’s channeled this core entrepreneurial philosophy to grow 3Ci.

By creating a business plan that capitalized on the opportunity for growth and innovation in mobile communications, Duffy launched the company in 2005.

Initially he focused on enterprise-level clients, which used small mobile apps, ringtones and wallpapers.

However, under his leadership 3Ci has grown from a self-funded start-up into one of the nation’s fastestgrowing private businesses and the leading provider of enterprise mobile payment solutions for Fortune 1000 companies.

Today, Duffy’s primary focus at 3Ci is providing a strategic direction to guide the company’s future success in the fast-changing mobile industry.

The biggest obstacle the company has faced has been getting its mobile programs live on the many different wireless carriers available in the U.S. — especially because all have unique subscriber policies and standards.

To overcome this, Duffy has dedicated significant people and resources to developing relationships with the various carriers.

This strategy has helped the company build a foundation to interface with a vast number of mobile carrier networks, including all four major mobile carriers that operate in the U.S.

Making 3Ci an expert in carrier processes and infrastructure has allowed the company to turn a barrier to entry into a competitive advantage for the business.

Since founding the company Duffy has always stayed committed to his people, living the philosophy, “Be loyal to people, not companies.”

As a result, the company has only lost one employee since its inception.

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