John Eulich, chairman and CEO, ASPEQ Holdings Inc.

John Eulich, ASPEQ Holdings Inc.


John Eulich

Chairman and CEO

ASPEQ Holdings Inc.

Leadership is in John S. Eulich’s blood.

It has been ever since he developed a personal business plan while at Harvard Business School. This innate desire to lead would serve him well as he embarked on a mission to save INDEECO, a manufacturer of electric heating and control systems.

The company, now known as ASPEQ Holdings Inc., was struggling mightily in the summer of 2005, and Eulich was asked to take over and turn things around.

Eulich stepped in, and over the next year, he helped build a new management team, systematically eliminated areas that were holding the company back and sought to increase efficiency throughout the organization.

His leadership acumen put him in a position to make all of the key decisions and take on a powerful role to lead ASPEQ back from its problems. But Eulich worked hard to engage other leaders in the internal makeover while he pursued outside growth opportunities.

Eulich keeps a close eye on the results and provides advice to managers and executives, and he makes it a point to empower his team to run the business.

Eulich took on the challenge at ASPEQ despite the fact that he had recently retired from Mark Andy Inc. He didn’t have to work again, but he saw the challenge and wanted to make a difference.

And he did make that difference. As chairman and CEO, Eulich set high expectations. He helped take a relatively ordinary type of business, making electric heaters, and turn it into a successful and competitive enterprise.

He created incentive programs to inspire his people and made sure that when the company succeeded, his people succeeded. When you’re a leader, it’s what you do.

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