Jon E. Kirchner, chairman and CEO, DTS Inc.

Winner – Technology

Combining a competitive nature, a talent for teamwork and a desire to make a lasting impact in the audio technology industry, Jon E. Kirchner, chairman and CEO of DTS Inc., has dedicated himself to delivering best-in-class audio solutions.

Kirchner has built an attractive, scalable, high-margin IP licensing business model that is sustained by innovation and participation in key industries.

DTS provides state-of-the-art audio technology to licensed consumer electronics products. Kirchner has guided the company through many phases of growth and change, from rapid international expansion to divesting major segments of its business. Through vision, innovation, creativity, partnership and competitive drive, he has successfully led DTS to be one of the most profitable and highly valued companies in its industry. DTS continues to create new state-of-the-art audio solutions that deliver a superior audio experience to the consumer. Today, there are nearly 1 billion DTS-licensed consumer electronics products worldwide.

A key differentiator for DTS is the investment it makes in its people and the amount of focus it puts on developing a stronger organization. Kirchner keenly believes that the success of any company lies in its people and teamwork. He has made a big investment in acquiring and retaining superior talent within the organization. DTS is known for having some of the world’s best audio scientists and has cultivated and nurtured an organization capable of adapting and innovating in a rapidly evolving industry.

Currently, Kirchner is leading DTS through another phase of transformation to capitalize on recent market trends toward cloud-based entertainment and mobile entertainment consumption. He is always staying alert to the skills and capabilities the company needs to continue to push forward and remain an innovative leader in the audio technology industry.

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