Jonathan Ord, CEO, DealerSocket Inc.

Jonathan Ord, DealerSocket Inc.

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Jonathan Ord


DealerSocket Inc.

Jonathan Ord succeeds by always looking for the next step to help his customers. Rather than being stuck in a mode where he’s always trying to close or wrap up deals, Ord wants to take the partnership his clients have with DealerSocket Inc. and make it even better.

DealerSocket provides customers with customer relationship management software and then delivers training on how to use it and how to get the most out of the system.

Ord, the company’s founder and CEO, has established a consulting team, which is made up of people who contact dealerships multiple times each month to help clients utilize new products and upgrades.

Employees are put in a position to be great presenters so that there is complete comfort with the training and implementation process.

Another team is in place to analyze the feedback that DealerSocket gets from its customers.

This team also studies the industry and puts all that research and data together to make sure the company is staying on the cutting edge of what their customers need.

This is all done in a culture that Ord consistently supports and nurtures to ensure that his employees enjoy working there.

Opportunities exist for them to make an impact in the business, but Ord isn’t the type of boss that expects them to eat, sleep and breathe their job.

In fact, at the start of most company meetings, Ord repeats a quote that he wants his employees to take to heart: “No success in the workplace can compensate for failure in the home.”

It’s a sentiment that he truly believes in and one that he wants his employees to live by.

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