Jonathan Paul DeWys, President, DeWys Manufacturing

Jonathan Paul DeWysSemifinalist, Manufacturing

The unexpected death of DeWys Manufacturing Inc. founder Mark DeWys in January 1999 was a critical time for the metal fabricating company. On top of Mark’s untimely death, the economy crash of that same year put added pressure on the business. Mark designated his brother and business partner Jonathan DeWys to continue to lead the business moving forward.

With the loss of its founder and the economic crash causing the company to lose its largest customer and 30 percent of its overall business, President Jon DeWys had to design a strategic plan to diversify the company’s customer base. On top of that, the beneficiaries of Mark DeWys’ estate decided to sell the company. Jon DeWys and C.T. Martin led a stock buyout, which helped create stability within the business.

Both the stock buyout and the strategy to diversify customers have helped the company get through tough times and have led to record sales and profits during recent years. DeWys’ driven determination to ensure the company would survive and prosper for generations to come has gotten the company through challenging personal and economic turbulence.

Recently, DeWys Manufacturing has rebranded itself from a sheet metal fabrication company to a complete circle of companies under the DeWys Manufacturing banner providing customers with a one-stop shop for all their metal needs. This innovative expansion of services is driven by a strategic plan that enables DeWys to rally behind a clearly defined set of goals and objectives that have culminated in the 35th anniversary of the company in 2012.

DeWys continuously brings new technology into the company and has enabled the business to be on the cutting edge of the metal fabricating industry. This dedication to the betterment of the business is what has kept it growing and delivering quality work for 35 years.

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