Kevin and Carole Chase, Chase Plastic Services Inc.

Carole Chase

Carole Chase, vice president, Chase Plastic Services Inc.

Winner, Distribution

As the head of Chase Plastic Services Inc., Kevin Chase has always been an entrepreneur at heart. The principles and discipline he brings to the office permeate the company’s culture and energize his workforce as they work toward common goals. Together with his wife Carole, they framed their vision in a manner so that their employees are driven and dedicated.

At the outset, it was only Kevin, the president, and Carole, vice president. As a young couple with two children, establishing a business was a very bold move. Despite their circumstances, the couple worked hard to create a company capable of producing the type of service they dreamed of.

Chase Plastic Services is the product of the couple’s vision, integrity and perseverance. The business is small-to-medium-sized, with a much stronger emphasis on the customer than the typical plastics provider. Education and knowledge are critical tools used for approaching a decision. Unlike larger plastics providers, bureaucracy is kept to a minimum and employees are carefully selected to fulfill a need when it arises.

It is through their strong devotion to integrity, discipline and strength of character that the Chases formed their company’s core ideology of “Purpose + Core Values.” The company’s purpose is to provide world-class service to their customers and suppliers, while their core value is customer satisfaction as a result of high expectations, execution, teamwork, character and independence.

The Chases lead by example and inspire employees to embody these principles in their professional and personal lives. In developing their management style and company goals, they have leveraged the concepts in Jim Collins’ books “Built to Last” and “Good to Great.” They also constantly examine industry trends, looking for expansion opportunities.

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