Kris Snyder, CEO, Vox Mobile

Kris Snyder, CEO, Vox Mobile

FINALIST: Technology

As COO with his previous employer, MCPc, Kris Snyder took on an intrapreneurial endeavor called Mobility Practice to address the challenge of managing and controlling customers’ mobile devices. Mobility Practice’s goal was to help companies regain the lost productivity of people on the road and to use their mobility as a productivity force multiplier.

In 2006, Snyder launched Vox Mobile by acquiring Mobility Practice from MCPc with his own savings and investments from friends and business partners. After suffering through a downturn in 2008 and 2009 when many of its customers reduced staff and canceled projects, Vox Mobile has turned itself around and experienced exceptional growth, including a 95 percent revenue increase in 2011.

Vox Mobile was designed to provide all the services of a mobility-focused IT department. Years ago, Snyder, CEO, began to see that companies were finding the challenge of owning hardware and employing specially trained staff to handle fast-changing mobile technologies too costly to handle themselves. By encouraging companies to rethink their approach and focus on their core competencies, Vox Mobile has demonstrated success that makes it increasingly easy for new customers to embrace its value proposition.

The accelerating pace of change in mobility combined with a managed service business model creates a constant source of new revenue opportunities for Vox Mobile. The company is currently launching initiatives that include mobile security services and mobile application management services that show great promise with its lead customers.

Every employee of Vox Mobile is rewarded for approaching their area of responsibility as an opportunity for growth. Among the company’s recognition programs is the monthly Vox Rox Star award, which includes a cash prize and a trophy for employees who demonstrate exemplary customer service.

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