Lapping up luxury

So you think your business idea has gone to the dogs with the fluctuating stock market? Try this on for size.

INN to PETS has opened in Westlake, offering upscale boarding for pets. The facility offers a 2,000-square-foot play area and air conditioning to make your pet feel like a well-groomed business traveler.

“Kitty City” suites boast television sets and window seats that face bird feeders. Dog owners have their choice of four types of housing — standard, deluxe, luxury or special care — for dogs with unique needs. Luxury suites offer a large bed with Sherpa sheets, as well as a television set (you never know if they’ll want to catch those Rin-Tin-Tin reruns).

The cost for such plushness? $24.50 per night.

INN to PETS offers taxi service to transport pets between the facility and groomers or veterinarians. Think spa. The facility also provides drop-off and pick-up at the pet’s home seven days a week. In the future, owners will be able to log on to the Internet to see their pets in real time — via a Web cam installed in the play area.
One last tidbit of news: INN to PETS is located at 825 Bassett (no pun intended) Road. Talk about location. How to reach: INN to PETS, (440) 835-2535

Courie Weston ([email protected]) is a reporter at SBN.