Lazor-sharp focus

When David Lazor founded Lazorpoint Inc., he knew exactly how he would set his company apart in the overcrowded IT sector — with personality.

Unlike large technology and consulting firms, where billable hours are more important than customer satisfaction, and employees push the newest technologies, Lazor wanted to run a business built on personal relationships and honesty, with a strong bias toward the client and its technology needs.

To achieve this, Lazor built his company around the right people. He hired associates with the technical know-how vital to an IT position, who also had the ability to communicate effectively with clients. And he developed a list of company values — named the Six Rules for Winning — for each person to strive toward.

1. Get better every day.

2. Stay with it — never quit.

3. Do it right.

4. Pour your heart into winning.

5. Take ownership.

6. Keep your promises.

And for Lazor, the rules aren’t just talk; he ensures his employees are living them. Associates are given Individual Accountability Plans and asked to gain one certification each quarter. They’re also rewarded for actively living the rules and for bringing in new associates who do the same.

With this attention to people and adherence to company values, Lazorpoint has grown steadily. In the next year, Lazor plans to double his number of employees and hopes to one day expand his company’s reach across the Midwest.

And he’ll continue to build it the same way he always has — with good people and good values.

How to reach: Lazorpoint Inc., (216) 226-7101 or