Len Rodman, chairman, president and CEO, Black & Veatch

Len Rodman, Black & Veatch

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Len Rodman

chairman, president and CEO

Black & Veatch

Len Rodman is not interested in doing things the easy way. His employees at Black & Veatch know very well his saying of, “If it’s easy, someone else is probably doing it.”

Rodman wants to find the innovative solution, the one that comes with a complex challenge and a difficult series of steps to enact — because Rodman knows all that effort will lead to a great product for his customers.

He joined Black & Veatch in 1971 as a design engineer and worked hard, progressing to become managing partner.

He has led the company’s transition from partnership to employee-owned corporation, a move that set the stage for explosive growth. It allowed greater access to capital, fueling expansion to new markets.

Rodman leads by finding ways to do things better. He is always looking for the next challenge and always wants to bring his employees along on the journey.

His ability to engage and inspire others to dig deep allows the company to devise unique solutions that delight customers and bolster the position of Black & Veatch in the infrastructure industry.

One of the most important ways Rodman helps his employees is through classes designed to teach engineers at Black & Veatch business acumen and provide them with critical management tools.

The chairman, president and CEO believes that each project needs to be valued and understood to be a integral component of the company’s growth plan.

The classes have progressed to provide the company with a steady stream of new leadership development.

With that leadership base as a foundation to build upon, Rodman has Black & Veatch positioned for strong success in the future.

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