How leveraging technology can transform a consumer brand

As consumers continue to leverage digital technology for faster and easier access to information, they increasingly use it as a key tool for buying products.

A growing percentage of customer-brand engagement is now online as consumers research products — read online reviews, search for the best price, seek store locations, etc. — before they buy, while they complete their purchases online and via post-sale feedback.

It is increasingly important for brands to be accessible and informative while making the purchase process easier. To accomplish this, brands must have a strong technology strategy and road map.

As Jamba has transformed from a smoothie shop to a global lifestyle brand, the technology road map has also gone through a transformation. While the technology strategy may have been one primarily focused on keeping the lights on, it has evolved into one that explores innovative technologies to drive value to the brand and consumers.

By tapping into technology — from providing the information consumers need to make their decisions to making the transaction more convenient and rewarding — companies can transform how to best engage with consumers across nearly every touch point.

Four-part strategy

Jamba’s strategy is focused on these areas of the customer experience:

1.         Efficiency — “order ahead,” digital wallets.

2.         Convenience — tap to pay and redeem offers, loyalty program with no cards.

3.         Information — digitally delivered product info, store locator, targeted content and engagement across social channels based on social listening.

4.         Value — e-gifting, relevant/targeted digital messages, offers and rewards.

Informing and engaging consumers is vital, and with more than 100 million guests annually and more than 9 million followers through various digital, social media and Jamba Insiders loyalty sites, it is important to continually test and learn from communication formats. By forming strategic partnerships with well-regarded organizations, companies may bring convenient, relevant and fun options to customers.

Not all of the technologies Jamba has tested have been successful, but occasionally, we knock one out of the park. The key point is not to be afraid to try new things. It is part of our company’s DNA and is what has made Jamba successful.

Leveraging technology is not always about ROI. Raising brand awareness, elevating the consumer experience, and creating competitive advantages and strategic partnerships are examples of key benefits that are difficult to measure from an ROI perspective, but which are still very important to any brand.

Jamba constantly looks to leverage new technologies to create a better overall experience for its customers. The IT and marketing teams work closely together to ensure that technological innovations are constantly being researched and evaluated.

At the end of the day, it is all about serving our customers in a way that matches their lifestyles.