Lighting the way

Ken Orlando left the accounting world to acquire a business. After several years, he formed Promark International Inc. to act as a holding company for his acquisitions.

Although digital cameras and lighting equipment have threatened market share in recent years, Orlando sought to ascertain more market share via these new products by encouraging product innovation, design and efficiency.

As a result, the company has increased revenue every year. It keeps overhead costs low by marketing its products via the Internet, independent dealers, salespeople and catalogs. His key strategies include:

* Focus on camera lighting only. New product designs and innovation have always focused on camera lighting only. Today, Promark offers more than 350 products for camera lighting and electronics. This allows for a wide line of products and ensures Promark’s dominance in the industry.

* Expansion via acquisition and internal growth. Orlando’s goal is to primarily expand Promark via competitor acquisitions. Promark is already a conglomerate of three entities that have been merged and relocated to Bartlett, Ill. These three entities offered only camera lighting products.

Additionally, Orlando encourages product design to ensure that the company can differentiate its products from those of its competitors. Promark accomplishes this by offering unique features and products that can reach customers in a timely fashion.

Orlando believes in promoting an atmosphere that is friendly, professional and respectful. He knows his people are his most important asset, and encourages creativity among his engineers to make sure Promark is leading the industry.