Lisa Im, CEO, Performant Financial Corp.

Lisa Im, CEO, Performant Financial Corp.


Lisa Im is a born leader who can’t help but put her passion into everything she does, whether it’s being there for her family or taking another step toward making Performant the company she knows it can be. At the time she led a buyout of the company from its founder, Performant was a government services contractor that derived more than 90 percent of its revenue and profit from a single contract within one branch of the federal government. That’s no longer the case. The company is now a dynamic organization providing services to clients across the country. Im had a plan for how the company could be successful, and she went about executing it.

Performant provides audit and recovery services for organizations in both the public and private sectors. One of the highest priorities for Im’s team is to seek out new areas of government outsourcing that will fulfill the company’s mission of improving government efficiency.

Employees who come to work at Performant typically have not worked at other agencies that do similar work. In this way, they can be trained to do things the Performant way. Promotion from within is a core philosophy and employees are given all the tools to advance as far as they are willing to go. It’s part of an overall philosophy to constantly look for a better way, whether that is with a client process or something in the way that Performant does its work.

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