Local resources help keep the region’s economic engine churning

Investment is the driver of success. Investing in education, in home ownership or the market are all ways to build for the future. The same is true of investment in our community.

At the Greater Akron Chamber, our Investors — members who contribute at least $2,500 annually to the Chamber’s initiatives — are the backbone of what we do. In our mission to support economic development and improved quality of life in the Greater Akron region, we rely on this significant support.

In fact, I am proud to say that we have 120 Investors at the level of $2,500 and above. The Greater Akron Chamber has an ambitious plan to support sustainable growth for our region, and our goal for the next five years is to generate more than $2 billion in local investment through both retention and attraction of businesses. The support of our Investors enables us to pursue such meaningful goals.

More than Akron

The Greater Akron region is more than Akron, it encompasses the counties of Medina, Portage and Summit. Uniquely positioned to drive economic growth in our three counties, the Chamber has a business plan that it is able to execute.

The Greater Akron Chamber is the only organization in Ohio, and one of 36 in North America, named an Accredited Economic Development Organization by the International Economic Development Council. We take our mission seriously and have the results to prove it.

Those who support this mission as our investors are in a position to participate in its success and help make things happen. This is a high-powered team and our Investors are directly involved and recognized as leaders.

Investment driven

Because the Chamber’s drive is for regional economic development, our mission is larger than membership. Our strength comes from civic-minded leaders who can be engaged to help build the economy of Greater Akron.

High-level investors in the Greater Akron Chamber enjoy many great opportunities. This is far beyond networking. Among other advantages, they have the opportunity to join in trade missions by our Business Attraction Team to other states, regions and countries. They receive investor-only briefings from area CEOs.

They are invited to attend our important InterCity Leadership Visits, such as recent trips to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Omaha, Nebraska, bringing ideas back for Greater Akron, Northeast Ohio and their own businesses.

With the momentum being experienced in the Greater Akron region, our investors are front and center in making positive changes in the local landscape. They have access to like-minded individuals and companies who invest in our work.

We need many forward-thinking community and business leaders — like those we already have — to ensure the prosperous future of our region.