Making HPP work

  • Make sure employees know what to do if an injury occurs.

  • Give employees identification cards, provided by the managed care organization (MCO). All employees should have cards in case they are injured, so the treating physician will know which MCO to notify and bill for services.

  • In emergencies, injured employees should go to the nearest emergency room. However, for ongoing care, employees must go to a Bureau of Workers’ Compensation-certified health care provider.

  • Report the injury to your MCO immediately, by calling the organization or faxing a First Report of Injury. Doctors and hospitals are required to report work-related injuries to the MCO within 24 hours.

  • Communicate with the injured employee. Maintaining contact with employees while they’re recovering demonstrates concern for their welfare and keeps you informed.

  • Start return-to-work planning immediately. Work closely with the MCO, BWC, health care provider and the the injured worker to develop a modified-duty or transitional work program. This keeps the injured worker productive during recovery and may help reduce workers’ comp costs.

  • Develop a process to ensure your employees know about HPP. To help control costs, employees should know not only what to do in case of an injury, but the name and number of the company’s MCO and the doctors which they may visit for treatment.