Making raving fans

Robert Troop, CEO, The Shamrock Cos.

When the Ohio Buckeye Chapter of the National MS Society came to The Shamrock Cos., it brought a challenge to the company, which does marketing communications and project management.

The chapter needed to devise a new option for producing race event participant materials for its Pedal to the Point fundraiser, and it needed to save time and money while creating efficiencies on and before race day. Shamrock, under the leadership of CEO Robert Troop, was ready and able to assist. The company was able to create a final product that completely eliminated the need for manual assembly and any chance of error with race day materials. It also saved time, money and increased accuracy.

This is just one example of how Shamrock creates “raving fans,” which is its ultimate goal with every customer. It does this by adding value and delivering above and beyond, and customers are well aware that the company wants to go the extra mile for them. The raving fan theme is present in every department and customer service procedure.

Shamrock also believes that to create raving fans, its day-to-day performance must be stellar, and they must continuously improve processes and push the envelope in terms of quality, turnaround time and customer relations. To make sure this happens, the company has a statistical method it requires of all employees called the Problem Solving Analytical Technique. This requires them to identify the problem, identify all possible reasons for that problem, measure occurrences against the possible causes, determine the real root cause, implement corrective action and monitor results to determine that the corrective action has been effective.

As a result of all of these efforts, the company regularly receives unsolicited praise from its customers about how its team members satisfied them. That feedback, in turn, is then shared with employees, which yields continued dedication to delivering plus-one service and a continuation to exceed expectations.

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