Manufacturing a service strategy

Marc Datelle, president and CEO, Anduro Manufacturing

It was a customer service strategy that got Anduro Manufacturing into the woven polypropylene packaging industry in 2009. Marc Datelle, president and CEO of the woven packaging manufacturer for seed and feed products, and his team saw huge potential for the product and ways they could revolutionize the industry.

The U.S. animal feeds market for woven bags was in its infancy when Anduro began business in 2009, but it was already valued well in excess of a billion bags a year and demand was growing. The woven bags provided unmatched durability and had the capability for graphics. However, the industry had some issues customers weren’t happy about.

Suppliers were, for the most part, unsophisticated, and there were major problems in the delivery of the bags. Nearly all of the bags and the raw materials originated in Asia and turnaround time on orders took roughly four months. There was also a tariff on the materials because it was coming from China. Anduro was approached by a company that had a facility in Honduras to cut down on delivery time and eliminate the tariff issue. Anduro eventually bought that business and began initiating necessary changes to improve the industry and better meet customer needs.

The company’s first move was to address operational deficiencies that were at the center of customer dissatisfaction. The company implemented SAP facility management systems and upgraded the manufacturing hardware. Most important, the company hired sales and customer service professionals who were experienced in the industry. Anduro didn’t stop there.

The organization knew it had an opportunity to beat its competition in the industry and focused on innovative ways to better serve customers. Instead of waiting for materials to come in from China, Anduro bought looms and began making its own woven polypropylene near its facility in Honduras. The company also formed partnerships with printers who could execute the special printing process needed for graphics.

Along with these innovations, Anduro’s employees are trained to look for potential problems that could slow down delivery time or cause a product to not be high quality. Those innovations and quality improvements have resulted in more choices and greater flexibility for their customers than any other manufacturer in the industry. Today, Anduro’s Durofab brand bags are the highest-quality woven packaging and are delivered to customers in 45 days or less.

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