Mark Mantovani checks his ego to lead growth for NSI Marketing

Mark P. Mantovani, President and CEO, NSI Marketing Services

When NSI Marketing Services lost its largest client in 2006, CEO Mark Mantovani wanted to let his employees know that they were all in it together. So he reduced his own salary and put more focus on communication with his employees. By keeping the focus on his people and always projecting a positive outlook, Mantovani has led the company to overcome challenges and adversity and achieve growth.

The numbers alone speak volumes of how much Mantovani’s leadership has helped NSI accomplish. In just a decade, he’s managed to build a multidisciplined staff, diversify marketing service offerings, lead a recapitalization effort, and spearhead acquisitions and partnership opportunities to contribute to organic growth. From 2000 to 2010, NSI has expanded from 50 employees to more than 450, as well as growing from one to eight offices.

Yet even with annual compound of organic growth of 20 percent or more, NSI is always facing new challenges. To keep NSI moving forward, Mantovani knows the key is building a collaborative team and encouraging the ideas of others.

Having practiced law for nearly two decades, Montavani had little marketing experience when he joined NSI as CEO. So he openly sought counsel and input from those who he deemed more experienced in the marketing industry. By keeping an open ear and surrounding himself with a team of great and varying expertise, Mantovani has been able to leverage NSI’s strengths and recognize key opportunities to further the company’s vision for providing new and better marketing services for customers. In fact, he often says his success is the result of being able to push aside his ego to recognize and embrace new points of view.

Mantovani’s dynamic leadership has helped transform what was a small, family-owned business into one of the nation’s largest marketing services companies. Recently, Mantovani helped complete the acquisition of RAZOR, a major addition that will complement NSI’s strengths to better serve clients with comprehensive marketing service offerings.

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