Why you should take advantage of all that summer has to offer

Summer in Southern California isn’t like summer in a lot of places across the U.S. When you live in New York or Chicago or another area that gets quite cold in winter, you look forward to the time when snow melts away, the flowers bloom and the sun shines every day.


The sun is out most days in Orange County, whether it’s July or January. But while nice weather is the norm, summer is still special in these parts, and one of the reasons is the San Clemente Ocean Festival.
It’s a chance for people like Paul Jessup to remember fishing off the San Clemente Pier as a kid back in the 1950s. It lets Peggy Vance reflect on the friendships she has made over the years cheering on athletes, enjoying activities and coordinating the festival for all to enjoy.
Events that happen year after year become a tradition and something that people look forward to and remember for all the memories that are created. Those memories are something that should be cherished.


Honor your traditions
No matter what it is that your company does, you have no doubt built traditions. Maybe it’s the summer company picnic or the annual Christmas party. It could be the recognition that you do each month at the company meeting. Or maybe it’s one of the events you coordinate for your clients. Whatever it is, take the time to honor and celebrate those memories. They mean something to your people, and they should mean something to you too.
It could be as simple as you stopping by the lunchroom to chat with a few employees about an activity that is coming up or one that has just passed. Show them that you value their help in supporting the company and you appreciate what they’ve been able to contribute to the cause. And encourage them to bring ideas to you about how these activities could be made even better in the future.
It doesn’t all have to be about profit and the bottom line. Don’t underestimate the value that can come from working together with colleagues to coordinate something special that makes everyone smile.


Find the fun
One of the best parts about the San Clemente Ocean Festival is that it’s all about making people happy. There are events for children and things to do for those who are a little older. There are opportunities to be very active or just sit on the beach or pier and enjoy another beautiful day.
So as you and your team enjoy the summer and hopefully a little downtime from the hustle and bustle of your business, take the time to appreciate what your people bring to your organization each day.
And if there are ways for everyone to get involved in activities that don’t have anything to do with what you produce or offer as a service, dive into it with the same enthusiasm you would the pursuit of a new client. But most of all, enjoy your summer. ●