Mark T. Perry

Under the leadership of President Mark T. Perry, Tetra Tech NUS Inc.,

Mark Perry

 a provider of consulting, engineering and technical services, has grown more than 40 percent in the past three years.

This growth has been spurred by Perry’s vision to transform NUS from a government contractor into a diverse company that offers full-service environmental engineering. Having been partners with the U.S. Navy for many years, Perry knew the importance of that relationship, but he saw other opportunities for NUS in the marketplace.

His vision began with pursuing work from the private sector, an area that NUS was unfamiliar with. He also saw that there were Pittsburgh markets that NUS could address to help the company become more sustainable. After identifying a few ways to diversify the company’s services and add new clients, he looked to support those endeavors with acquisitions and mergers.

Perry went to a sister organization of Tetra Tech that had strengths in areas NUS wanted to get involved in. It wasn’t long before the companies merged and NUS was looking to add another acquisition. This time NUS acquired a company called Quattro Engineering, a manufacturing engineering design company that had connections to local chemical and steel companies.

With new acquisitions, business and services, NUS needed to hire new employees to run its new departments in water and wastewater, energy and natural resources, and nuclear services. These new departments have allowed NUS to successfully bid for and implement larger-scale projects such as the Marcellus Shale Natural Gas exploration. Other opportunities have come from the commercial sector working with NASA, the U.S. Army and the U.S. Coast Guard.

While the company has seen strong growth and expansion nationally, Perry has fostered local growth and employment along with it. In the last two years, NUS has added 50 employees and plans to add another 30 this year.

Perry’s drive and vision to succeed has helped NUS increase revenue and positioned the company as a leader of engineering solutions to environmental problems. The company continues to see significant growth in revenue and employee count and has been opening new offices around the country. In fiscal year 2011, offices are planned to open in Alabama, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

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