Mary Quass, president and CEO, NRG Media LLC


Mary Quass, president and CEO of NRG Media LLC, doesn’t believe she was born an entrepreneur. She believes in the hard work that allowed her to achieve her goals. Quass entered the media industry when she resigned from a management position at a furniture store to work on commission selling radio advertisements. It was a struggle to make ends meet at first, but she fell in love with the media industry.

Quass’ experiences have helped shape her leadership style. She is constantly on the lookout for new challenges to meet.

Many of the companies in the industry had been suffering prior to the recession, and the economic crisis only compounded the problems. The variety and number of consumers, combined with the ever-changing sales cycle, makes it one of the most difficult industries in which to own a business.

Quass has viewed the barriers as hurdles to jump, not walls keeping her attitude has kept NRG Media successful many other companies in the industry are Quass financed her first radio station purchase with bank loans. In 2003, she used a private group, and in 2005, she was able to obtain from multiple sources, including GE Capital McCarthy Capital Corp.

The business model implemented will allow NRG Media to grow directions.

In addition to multiple financing avenues, operates in a wide range of markets that “Great Local Radio.” Quass has had the broach bigger markets such as Chicago but has turned them down to focus on optimal such as Des Moines and Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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