Matt Kaulig gives back to the community he calls home

Matt Kaulig believes there is a healing power that comes with giving back to your community. It’s part of what drives his efforts to embed philanthropy in the culture at LeafFilter Gutter Protection and the other organizations that comprise Kaulig Cos.

“We’re all blessed to be in the positions that we are,” says Kaulig, founder and CEO of LeafFilter and chairman of Kaulig Cos. “We work hard and we went to school and we’re blessed with whatever skills we have. It just feels good, and I think it’s a little bit of our obligation, to give back to people who aren’t as fortunate.”

Last summer, LeafFilter employees donated backpacks filled with school supplies for every student at the I Promise School in Akron opened and supported by the LeBron James Family Foundation.

“All of those kids, they didn’t have to buy any school supplies,” Kaulig says. “They were all taken care of by employees of LeafFilter. It’s things like that that make a big difference.”

Making the community better
Kaulig has positioned LeafFilter to be an international leader in the gutter protection industry. He’s using his platform to make a difference in the community through the Matt and Lisa Kaulig Family Foundation and Kaulig Giving.

“As human beings, we’re in the people business,” Kaulig says. “We help people. It’s when you grow your business to help your employees to be able to make more money and thrive and flourish and be able to do things for their family. It’s the same thing with our community. We want the community to be better.”

Akron Children’s Hospital will always hold a special place in Kaulig’s heart. When his daughter was born, she required surgery only a day after her birth and had to spend time in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit.

“Akron Children’s does a fabulous job and they are one of the best children’s hospitals in the country,” Kaulig says. “But they need help and they need funding.”

Work harder, give more
As his business ventures continue to prosper, Kaulig says it only strengthens what he and his team can do to help make life better for others.

“If we hit a certain amount and I can give $100,000 to Akron Children’s Hospital, we are going to work harder and people are going to try harder just to achieve that goal so that they can help the kids,” he says.