An MCO that understands claim costs, employer premiums is a priority

When employers realize that the handling of workplace injuries today will impact their premium costs for years to come, they look for an MCO that makes a difference.

oh_mco_LanceWatkinsWhile it is important for employers to focus on the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation programs for premium discounts and rebates, it is their ability to quickly and efficiently resolve a workers’ compensation claim that often determines the options available to them. Partnering with an MCO that understands the relationship between claim costs and employer premiums should be a priority.

Medical management of claims can get complicated, and it is not always easy to evaluate an MCO’s effectiveness and true value. Employers must be confident that the MCO is thoughtfully engaged in moving a claim toward recovery and return to work, exploring all options for resolution and also feel comfortable with the communication and collaboration of all parties throughout the process.

MCO performance statistics can tell a wide variety of stories, so focusing on the most relevant data, like lost workdays in a claim, is helpful. Lost workdays are the most significant cost driver in workers’ compensation claims, and one of the best predictors of claim cost and premium impact. An MCO that consistently facilitates a faster return to work for injured employees positions their clients for success.

Employers should also consider the depth of resources an MCO makes available. All claims are different, and employers are well-served by an MCO that has the flexibility to offer creative solutions.

Lance Watkins is AVP, Client Services, for CompManagement Health Systems.
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