Meeting needs

Although his identity theft protection failed to notice a suspicious $4,000 purchase, an employee of The Huntington National Bank called the customer right away to verify the charge. The simple phone call from the alert employee cleared up what could have become a customer’s nightmare.

But for this particular customer, it wasn’t just one Huntington employee, but two, who had such a profound effect on him that he wrote to management declaring he’d bank with Huntington for life.

The second employee works at the branch he banks at and consistently provides the personal, friendly service this customer said he rarely finds these days.

Huntington’s tagline is “A bank invested in people.” And that is lived through the bank’s employees and their effort to make meaningful customer connections.

The customer-first attitude has been embedded into Huntington’s culture multiple ways. Associates attend customer service workshops and undergo evaluations. A system called World Class Customer Service Passport 1 is in place to allow associates to react to inquiries and complaints in a consistent and timely manner. The in-house motto “Simply the best,” is accompanied by the guidelines: Do it right, do it accurately, make it easy and personalize it.

The culture has spilled over into true actions most recently with Huntington’s decision to extend banking office hours to seven days a week at 52 of its local locations. Under the leadership of Greater Cleveland Region President Dan Walsh, Huntington is the only bank that provides such service in the area.

In this economic climate, every company is out to improve business.

To build that dependable relationship, Huntington creates a profile for each customer based on financials, goals for the future, and the products and services that best fit the customer’s needs. Huntington picks the best product match for the customer, though it might not be the most profitable option for the bank.

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