Meeting the challenge

Power & Utilities

Hal Pontez doesn’t like to say no. He believes an answer to a challenge can always be found if you commit to working hard enough to find a solution. It’s a philosophy that has served him well as founder, president and CEO of HPI LLC.

Pontez has watched his company grow from a small manufacturer of turbo machinery controls to a larger engineering, procurement and construction company that has won bids on projects around the world.

Pontez doesn’t mind taking a risk if he believes that risk carries the potential of great reward. And with his strong work ethic and unrelenting energy and enthusiasm for his business, he’s usually pretty good at spotting that potential. One of the reasons he is so good is his ability to make connections with people quickly and get them to buy in to his vision within a short time of sitting down for a conversation with him.

HPI doesn’t operate under a hierarchal system of leadership, as Pontez wants every one of his employees to take part in the company’s growth. He encourages creativity and seeks employees who are self-motivated and can work well in a variety of capacities.

Employees at HPI work hard, but Pontez wants to make sure they also represent the business with a positive spirit. he describes success as being happy and having fun and through his efforts at HPI, he is able to do just that. He encourages his employees to enjoy their work and to take time to enjoy their families and help out those who are less fortunate to make sure that they have a better life, too.

Pontez and his family lead that philosophy by example by being visible in the community, and often recognized for their participation in charitable and philanthropic activities.

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