Michael Burrow kept his cool and led Burrow Global through a potentially devastating crisis

The Burrow File

NAME: Michael Burrow
TITLE: chairman and CEO
COMPANY: Burrow Global LLC

Born: Mansfield, Louisiana

Education: Bachelor’s degree, mechanical engineering, Louisiana Tech University.

Who has been the biggest influence on your life? I do have a lot of faith because I am a Christian. So that gives me a lot of faith that things will get turned around. At the same time, I would say there are some partners I had early on who were extremely oriented toward being high-integrity guys. They would always do the right things for the right reasons and I adopted that philosophy.

What was your very first job? In high school, my brother and I wired houses. My brother worked at a telephone company and knew a lot about electrical. I didn’t do a lot of the actual wiring. I cut the holes in the wall and pulled the wires while he did all the electrical work.

What is your favorite vacation spot? I have a lake house on Toledo Bend Lake, right on the Louisiana-Texas border. I grew up in North Louisiana and fished it in college. It was halfway between where we had family members and was a good meeting place for people coming from both directions.