Michael P. Robb

Michael P. Robb

Michael P. Robb, executive director, Center for Community Resources, Alliance for Nonprofit Resources and Nonprofit Development Corp.

Executive Director Michael P. Robb has grown the Center for Community Resources from one agency to three in just over five years, adding the Alliance for Nonprofit Resources and the Nonprofit Development Corp. Dedicated to serving the region, this expansion has been driven by Robb’s progressive vision for growth. The success of this vision can be attributed to Robb’s passion for helping people and communities thrive, as well as his sound business sense and strong leadership skills.

By adding two sister agencies, Robb aimed to evolve and diversify CCR to further the regional human service agency’s mission: to make a positive difference in everyday lives by connecting people to a network of supports and services essential for actively learning, working and living in the community. While the CCR seeks to improve communities by assisting people, the ANR and the NDC focus on doing so by helping fellow nonprofits. The ANR provides backend support and services, while the NDC provides property management for nonprofit entities, as well as technical assistance, training and capacity building opportunities.

Robb oversees a total of 19 programs, which are available to more than 180,000 residents in the region. He pursues programs and services to fill gaps where services aren’t already being offered, as well as to clean up programs that are not operating efficiently. Programs include utility assistance, transportation, homeless housing, education and outreach, and shared services for nonprofits. His business models for these programs are based on three principals: to provide quality of service, to operate a program within a supportive environment and to administer it at an affordable cost. These principles reflect Robb’s dedication to serving people.
This dedication has paid off for the agencies. Annual revenue has increased from just more than $1 million to $8 million, with the original staff of 52 grown to 143 employees.

How to reach: Center for Community Resources, (724) 431-0095 or www.ccrinfo.org