Michael Robb, Executive Director, Center for Community Resources

Michael Robb, Executive Director, Center for Community Resources


Michael Robb is energetic and passionate about serving the Pittsburgh region. He is the executive director of three nonprofit organizations: Center for Community Resources, Alliance for Nonprofit Resources and the Nonprofit Development Corp. Over the course of six years, CCR, a nonprofit providing support and services throughout its community, has grown from one organization into three and from 52 employees to 139.

This success is a result of Robb’s visionary ideas. He has converted his vision into reality through his strong leadership skills and his ability to manage people, finances and systems. He thinks on his feet, uses human and financial resources to overcome obstacles and doesn’t let a “no” stop him when he knows it’s the right direction for the organization.

While CCR cut its budget this year, Robb continued to look for ways to improve the organization. CCR has been expanding programs outside of Butler County. Alliance is expanding its grants and marketing department. NDC is coordinating a housing initiative for low-income, first-time home buyers in Butler County.

Robb currently oversees 59 programs available to more than 180,000 residents throughout the region. He pursues programs and services that aren’t currently being offered to fill gaps and expand service lines. He also looks to fix those that are not operating efficiently.

Robb consistently applies three principles as the business model for each of the agency’s programs: provide a quality service, operate a program in a supportive environment and administer a program at an affordable cost.

CCR is currently pursuing agencywide compliance and accreditation to strengthen its infrastructure. When completed, the organization will be able to offer its plan to other agencies to enhance the entire nonprofit community.

HOW TO REACH: Center for Community Resources, www.ccrinfo.org