Mission: Akron: Making your worldwide debut

You have invented the next big thing, a breakthrough in the medical device, polymer, energy or tech industries. Now what? How will you reach customers? How will you manufacture it? How will you recruit talent? To whom will you go to get the funding you need to develop the business in its pre-revenue stages?

The Akron Global Business Accelerator has been answering those questions for 30 years. The Accelerator provides entrepreneurial support to technology-based startups in diverse fields, including biomedical, energy, advanced materials, IT, instruments, controls and electronics.

The Accelerator is not just a place; it is a program with a value proposition second to none for entrepreneurs. Upon joining the program, entrepreneurs can attain an immediate professional presence. The Accelerator has high-quality lab, office and manufacturing suites at favorable pricing.

But more importantly, clients receive free guidance from staff entrepreneurs-in-residence on business challenges, strategic relationships and securing investments. Through the Accelerator’s Technology Company Acceleration program, all Accelerator clients have an entrepreneur-in-residence assigned to their company as an extension of its management team.

The Accelerator’s entrepreneurs-in-residence have more than 125 years of experience taking technology-based startups to successful outcomes. The Technology Company Acceleration program initiative, as directed by the entrepreneurs-in-residence, assists clients in mapping their path to success, setting up milestones and accessing the resources to reach those goals.

Global impacts

Among the Accelerator success stories are Echogen Power, which has developed a 10 megawatt waste heat to electricity engine. Vadxx Energy is building a commercial scale plant in Akron converting 20,000 tons per year of waste plastics into high-quality petroleum products.

Knotice is recognized by Forrester Research as having one of the best Data Management Platforms in the world. My1HR is developing one the most broadly accepted health care insurance exchange software tools. Garden Art Innovations is launching the first BodySafe™ line of cosmetics in the U.S. and Europe.

7Signal is introducing a revolutionary WiFi Performance Assurance and Optimization tool, and Summit Data has become the market leader in producing WiFi radios for demanding environments.

Global reach

The City of Akron has been working to build its “Technology Bridge” program in Israel, Finland, Lithuania, Slovenia, Germany and other countries. This brings some of the world’s most innovative technologies to the “soft landing spot” we have created in Akron, and opens the doors to export opportunities for our clients.

The Accelerator is nationally recognized for its innovation and has assisted client companies in securing $86 million in investments, generating 639 new high-paying jobs, $181 million in sales and $104.5 million in payroll since 2008. The Accelerator has won the National Business Incubation Association’s Innovation Award and has been the longest running and top-performing incubator in Ohio based upon investment, client revenues and job creation.

For all technology innovators who are asking, “Now what?,” I invite you to take advantage of Akron’s transformational Accelerator program.

Don Plusquellic is Mayor of Akron, Ohio. First sworn in as mayor in 1987, Don’s career in public service now spans five decades. The mayor’s most important mission, along with improving education, has been securing and fortifying Akron’s economic future. Learn more at www.akronohio.gov

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