Mitchell J. Krebs saw beyond the numbers to identify changes needed at Coeur Mining


  • See beyond what your numbers are telling you.
  • Build on your momentum.
  • Treat people with respect at every turn.

The Krebs File

NAME: Mitchell J. Krebs
TITLE: president and CEO
COMPANY: Coeur Mining Inc.

Born: Storm Lake, Iowa

Education: Bachelor of science degree in economics, Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania; a master’s degree in business administration, Harvard University.

What was your first job? With both sides of my family being farmers, the work on family farms was where I got a little bit of pocket change. A place like that is full of interesting jobs.

Who has been the biggest influence on your life? My mother instilled in me a very strong work ethic, as well as the value of a dollar, the value of an education and of staying humble and letting your results or your work speak for itself. She’s very much a tough woman, and I grew up wanting to impress her and a lot of those attributes rubbed off on me.

If you could speak with anyone from the present or past, with whom would you want to speak with? Winston Churchill. Talk about a leader in tough times and the ability, in his case, to rally a country. But if I could go to dinner with a living president, I would choose President Bill Clinton.
That guy is passionate about politics. He loves it. It doesn’t necessarily align with my own political views, but he is a master. His communication skills are so impressive to me. That’s one thing that I feel is a shortcoming of mine, the ability to capture a room. He can do that in a way that is very rare and very special.