Moving into the future

Lynn Matson has built a company
around something most people don’t
really think about — the music and video presentations playing in stores
around the country.

Pro-Motion Technology Group’s customers
include American
Eagle, Borders, Best
Buy and Target. The
company works with
customers to establish the aim of the
technology, and then
designs and implements audiovisual
environments. It also provides ongoing service and contracts with service content
providers to sell music and other media, and
to provide content upload service.

Pro-Motion supplies the whole package
under one roof — system design, product
procurement, project management, distribution and logistics, customer service,
nationwide installation, and nationwide
service — making it easy for its client to do
business with the company.

Because technology is changing so quickly, Pro-Motion has no shortage of work as
companies replace older audiovisual systems with high-end systems and hardware
such as plasma TVs. To date, all sales have
been through word-of-mouth marketing,
but Matson, who serves as Pro-Motion’s
president and CEO, plans to hire a sales
staff to achieve her projection of double-digit growth in the coming years.

Matson attributes her success to her
focus on the triangle of customers, employees and suppliers. She is very employee-focused and is currently renovating the
building housing Pro-Motion with amenities that will include a massage parlor,
exercise room and salon.

She feels that by taking care of her
employees, they, in turn, take care of their
customers, and their customers will then
take care of them.

HOW TO REACH: Pro-Motion Technology Group LLC, (248) 668-3100 or