National Interstate’s new headquarters is a monument to workforce development


Promise of progress

All the promise of progression means little unless National Interstate continues to create opportunities, which is happening by virtue of the company’s strong and consistent growth, Mercurio says. As the company launches new products — which it did twice in 2018, with two more in the works — it requires more underwriters, more marketers and more claims adjusters, which keeps the recruiting door open.

When National Interstate began looking inward, it had some 400 employees; today, the workforce is about 700. Further, Mercurio says employee morale is up significantly in every department since 2012, employee turnover is down across the organization and there have been a record number of promotions and new hires in each of the last two years.

“We are as strong as we have ever been organizationally, and the talent averages are as strong as they’ve been at National Interstate,” Mercurio says.

And the company’s internal work has not gone without notice. Mercurio says the company is a three-time Cleveland Plain Dealer Top Workplaces winner and a seven-time NorthCoast 99 winner.

“We use the tagline, ‘An insurance career built around you,’ because really we want this to be an experience for our employees, not just a job,” he says. “This building, every corner of this building, we had that thought in mind.”


» Business success hinges on a strong workforce. Develop it.
» Cast a critical eye on your company and be willing to change what you don’t like.
» Invest for the future.