Why you can’t be afraid to share the great things you do

Customers like stories, especially yours. And when you’re a small business, it may be that story of how you started your company that puts you ahead of the competition.

Customers are looking for reasons to buy from you. Learning how you came to run a business you’re passionate about is one way to help build a connection with potential customers. Here’s how.
Include it in your marketing
Think about where you could weave in your story, especially in your marketing:
■  Tell your story in your company blog. Provide tips you’ve learned from starting and running your business.
■  Include it on your About Us page. This gives visitors to your site a glimpse into your company.
■  Don’t just focus on your story. Let your employees tell their own stories in their bios on your site.
■  Pick up the thread on social media. Share those storytelling blog posts and create conversations about your customers’ stories.


Be authentic
There’s no reason to inflate your story; it’s likely good enough on its own. Did you get fired from your last job, which propelled you to start a company around something you’re passionate about? That’s a story.
Do you come from a long line of folks dedicated to growing your family business? That’s a fantastic story, too. Trust that your story is one that your customers want to hear.


Tell customer stories
You may know that you have helped hundreds of customers solve a particular problem, but potential customers don’t know that.


Creating unique case studies is a wonderful way to illustrate how you helped a customer with a specific issue. Tell that story (with your customer’s approval, of course). Use quotes from a customer to show how happy they were with your services. It’s better coming from them than from you.


Know your audience
Understanding the motivators for your customer base can help you craft those stories in a way that will resonate better.


For example, I tell my story of entrepreneurial success because my audience consists of entrepreneurs or wannabe entrepreneurs. They like seeing that anything is possible — a point I like to reiterate in my content marketing.


Leverage your story for
media opportunities
If you’ve ever pitched news to a reporter, you know the challenge of getting them to care. A better way to get the attention of the media is to let your story sell itself.


Telling your entrepreneurial story and talking about your passion for your business is one of the best ways to build relationships with future and existing customers. It creates fodder for future discussions, opportunities and helps you brand your business. It can help you stand out from the vast number of competitors and show off what makes your brand unique. ●