Not just the facts, ma’am

If you think you resolved that workplace conflict by remaining objective and sticking to the facts, think again. Not only is the conflict likely not resolved, it has probably been festering since you addressed it.

Edward Peirce and Linda Zamora, co-owners of Crisis & Conflict Solutions in Akron, say that most mediation employs a “database” rationale-much like how the judicial system determines outcomes based on the data presented. But conflict often cannot truly be resolved on a “just-the-facts-ma’am” basis.

“If you don’t address the relationship dynamics between the people involved, the underlying conflict is still there (and) will surface again, maybe even more climactic than before,” says Zamora.

The duo devised a formula they say helps resolve workplace conflict in a manner that deviates from traditional mediation. They first identify the concerns and complexities burdening the business owner or manager. Then they summon a shared sensitivity for the individuals involved-without a social worker scenario.

“We tune into the connection between the conflict and the existing level and manner of communication,” Peirce says. <$t0z8f"Compacta">SBN

-Victoria Harrow

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