Obeying the rules

Barbara McHenry helps local companies save tens of thousands of dollars. No, she’s not a finance guru; she provides guidance for something often more painful than paying taxes-paying fines for non-compliance with Department of Transportation regulations.

“It has been my experience that many companies, such as commercial motor vehicle carriers, mass transit, railroads, city and county governments, etc., who employ those in safety sensitive positions, are either not complying with the regulations, or they are only in partial compliance,” says McHenry. “Either way, these employers are subject to a fine of $10,000 per day if they are found to be not in compliance.”

McHenry has her own private practice in North Canton but works through the Barbara McHenry and Associates Counseling Center in Canton.

She specializes in drug and alcohol policy development and implementation, testing procedures, training programs, diagnostic assessments, treatment referrals and back-to-work orientation programs.

“The primary reasons for non-compliance is that many of these employers simply do not know what the regulations are, and/or they lack the know-how of putting the regulations into practice.” SBN

How to reach: Barbara McHenry (330) 832-8826