One-stop shop

W. Michael Jarrett used his experience with transportation and supply chain operations at Roadway Express and Caliber Logistics to create Orrville-based Jarrett Logistics Systems in 1999.

Specializing in transportation management services for high-growth North American companies, Jarrett Logistics Systems was founded based on the realization that larger third-party logistics providers typically don’t provide service to companies with less than $500 million in annual sales.

“Ironically, these are the businesses that can benefit the most from transportation management services, not only because they have staffing limitations, but also because logistics is often not a core competence for their companies,” President Jarrett says. “As just-in-time manufacturing and inventory reduction continue to gain momentum, controlling transportation costs is becoming even more critical in maintaining a competitive advantage for the growing segment of the marketplace.”

Through a centralized routing center, Jarrett Logistics Systems receives daily inbound and outbound shipment information from its customers and their suppliers. Using proprietary software called SHIP Systems (shipment, handling and information planning) that details transit and rate information, service agents gain instant access to the best-service, lowest-cost solution for each shipment and coordinate shipping arrangements with the appropriate carriers.

Because of Jarrett Logistics’ volume buying power, it can negotiate lower rates with carriers, and customers enjoy lower transportation costs as well as administrative savings. The company also provides freight bill payment services, premium freight management, claims processing, shipment tracking, freight consolidation and customized management reports.

Jarrett says his company’s mission is to employ the best logistics personnel in the industry; use leading-edge logistics software; focus on mid-market companies with aggressive growth strategies; and design logistics solutions through a nonasset-based approach.

That plan appears to be working. Since 2000, Jarrett Logistics’ revenue has grown almost 10-fold, and the company has gone from three employees to 13. It has appeared twice on Entrepreneur magazine’s Hot 100 list of America’s fastest-growing new companies, most recently in 2004.

Jarrett says his company is strategically looking at new ideas every day in an effort to provide superior customer service, technological advancements, additional cost-savings and key performance metrics for its customer base.

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