Ongoing quality management

Paul Garcia, Chairman and CEO, Global Payments Inc.

Just about every company claims to deliver the highest level of customer service to its clients. However, not all of them make customer service the biggest aspect of an employee’s job quite like Global Payments Inc. does. The electronic payment processing company makes sure all of its employees understand the level of customer service that’s expected from them from the first day they start.

Paul Garcia, chairman and CEO, and his team at Global Payments strive to provide the most trusted payment service in the world, and it starts with the organization’s training program. The company builds its training program around employees fully understanding what behaviors and actions generate excellent service as perceived by its customers. The organization’s employees understand the bigger picture and the importance of growing brand loyalty through extraordinary service.

New employees of the company endure multiple-week training sessions where they learn the ins and outs of the industry, internal systems and everyday skills. That training is followed by a one-week intensive coaching unit or ICU. During ICU, new hires are given real calls to handle and are provided additional support from seasoned agents to provide real-time assistance.

Global Payments doesn’t end the training there, it is an ongoing process for all employees. The company wants every employee to stay sharp, cross-train and remain focused on the customer. Unit managers, quality specialists, senior analysts and training specialists regularly provide team and one-on-one coaching.

The company also makes sure that the organization’s mission and values are known and taken seriously by all employees. That too is taught to them on their first day. Each employee is expected to know what the mission and values mean to them as well as why they’re the foundation of the daily behaviors and decisions made throughout all facets of the business.

Ongoing quality management with high standards and well-understood criteria is crucial to the company’s service culture. This dedication to quality is what helps each employee grow to become better and is what makes the company adhere to constantly improving its service to customers.

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