Opportunity knocks: Deal-makers conference to bring together entrepreneurs, financiers

Next May, Smart Business will bring together some of the region’s brightest and most business-savvy entrepreneurs, owners and financiers for a one-day conference: Aspire. The Cleveland event will feature speakers, breakout sessions and networking opportunities. Its four focus areas will be:

Buying a business  understanding valuations, the importance of a strong management team and why market share and differentiation matter.

Selling a business  recognizing how private equity values your business as well as critical checklists of what to prepare.

Raising capital  how to finance your business: from friends and family to angel investors, early-round finance, venture capital and private equity.

Liquidity events  what you need to know about sparking a liquidity event where you can take money off the table and/or exit your business.

The event’s honorary chairs are Mal Mixon, former chairman and CEO of Invacare Corporation, Umberto P. Fedeli, founder and CEO of The Fedeli Group, Stewart Kohl, co-CEO of Riverside Co. and Julie Boland, managing partner Ernst & Young LLP’s Cleveland office.

Aspire, the first of its kind entrepreneur and deal-makers conference in the region, will be a great way to learn more about the specific financial aspects you are interested in. Whether it’s buying, selling or financing growth, there will be something for you at this conference, and it’s a great way to learn from and meet the people who can help you achieve your business goals.

Aspire is the perfect place to network and learn more about dealmaking from some of the top minds in Northeast Ohio.

Fred Koury is the chairman of the 2016 Aspire Conference, which will take place on May 18. To register for the conference or get more information, click on the banner below or visit www.regonline.com/aspire2016.