Outsourcing options

The adage that you get what you pay for has never been truer than when it comes to outsourcing, whether you’re looking for temporary help or contracting out your entire human resource function.

“The No. 1 mistake companies make is awarding their business to the lowest bidder,” says Dan Brunell, COO of Acloche, a staffing solutions company. “There may be big differences in what you get for your money. The best price does not always mean you’ll get the best talent.”

Brunell says some companies make the mistake of paying temporary employees far less than their full-time counterparts.

“The primary advantage to using temporary staffing isn’t the pay,” says Brunell. “What saves the company money is the elimination of the recruiting and screening process and the insurance and benefits due full-time workers.”

According to Brunell, when a company pays temporary staff a lower wage, it results in less qualified personnel on the job.

“Then the manager is scratching his or her head and wondering why it didn’t work out,” says Brunell.

The biggest benefit of hiring out a company’s entire HR function is gaining the expertise of the hired company.

“There is so much to hiring employees that it is more efficiently handled by a company that performs only that function,” says Brunell.

Seek a company that has the same business philosophies and values as yours.

“Look for a company that has an effective recruitment mechanism built in and that has the appropriate levels of insurance to protect them,” says Brunell.

He cautions employers to check out a firm’s understanding of hiring procedures.

“HIPAA legislation is changing the way we employ people,” Brunell says. “The way it is handled could lead to a lawsuit if privacy issues are not followed. It could be a big disaster if you don’t select an appropriate company.” How to reach: Acloche, (614) 416-5600 or www.acloche.com