Patrick Perry, president and CEO, Genesys Systems

Patrick Perry, Genesys Systems


Patrick Perry

president and CEO

Genesys Systems

In the midst of the recent economic downturn, Pat Perry decided he had to “fire” his biggest client. As president and CEO of Genesys Systems, an innovative engineering firm, he was very concerned about how the client’s culture was negatively affecting Genesys employees.

Perry saw far greater damage possible to his biggest asset — his employees — than in losing the client.

He challenged his people to make up for the lost revenue in other ways. They were able to do it and survived the recession on a strong note, despite having a reduced workforce due to the business slump.

“We not only replaced that income, we beat it, and most importantly, we walked our talk and reinforced our highest values,” Perry says.

He bravely vowed that after the difficulties Genesys had in 2009, the company would not take part in the next recession. To that end, the company began to look for ways to diversify its product and service offerings to existing and potential clients.

For example, Genesys is now using an idea that grew out of a 1910 rock-crushing machine to recycle old carpet into saleable plastic. It is also looking into other potential uses for the technology including ways to recycle electronic scrap.

The company is establishing an ESOP that will allow employees to have a controlling interest in Genesys within five years.

Perry is concerned also about his performance — from the employee level. Each year, he has them anonymously provide feedback on how he has been managing operations.

He says that if the employees aren’t happy with what he is doing, then he will know it is time for him to step down.

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