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Mike Spickard, CEO and managing director, Actuarial Consulting, Tegrit Group

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As a company whose business is all about helping people, Tegrit Group recognizes the importance of having a people savvy staff. It’s why the national leader in actuarial consulting, retirement plan services and technology solutions has continued to grow its talented team of service professionals along with its customer portfolio.

With roots going back to 1983, Tegrit Group is the culmination of four different companies — Summit Retirement Plan Services, Tegrit Technologies, Tegrit Administrators and Advisors Pension Services — that have merged together with a common goal: to empower organizations through state-of-the-art retirement planning services and solutions. The company’s expanded capabilities have allowed Tegrit Group to provide an umbrella of services for employers and expand its reach in the industry over the years.

Tegrit Group CEO Mike Spickard, who also serves as managing director of the company’s Actuarial Consulting unit, knows that Tegrit’s recent growth would not have been possible without its expert and multidimensional staff. Spickard himself is a great example, as an enrolled actuary, a certified pension consultant and a member of the American Society of Pension Actuaries. These are the people responsible for helping the company’s clients continue to achieve security, reliability and scalable performance through their retirement planning.

As Tegrit Group has continued to grow its talented team of employees, the company’s sales growth has followed suit. Since 2007, the organization has added more than 86 new employees to its staff, bringing its head count to 150 in 2012. In that same time frame, it has also successfully accelerated sales growth by $7.6 million. Today, Tegrit Group is able to deliver its competitive retirement planning services to serve more than 2,000 employers in five locations across multiple states.

To make sure it can continue to build a pipeline for new talent, Tegrit Group has also partnered with the University of Akron for a second year to provide internship opportunities in its Actuarial Services, Benefits Administration and Defined Contribution departments. Three interns from the company’s 2011 internship program joined the Tegrit Group as full-time employees in 2012.

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