Perfect game

While the most familiar players on the
Cleveland Indians are those who round
the bases at Progressive Field, the team
comprises more than 100 other members
who routinely hit the ball out of the park
when it comes to customer service.
Operating under the vision “To Build and
Sustain a Championship Team in a
Culture of Excellence,” President Paul
Dolan and his employees help foster a
special relationship with every fan who
walks through the gates.

Take season ticket holders, for example.
To reward those loyal customers, the
Cleveland Indians offer them special treatment throughout the season: free cups of
coffee, private post-season ticket sales and
chances to step up to the plate at The Prog
to bat against Indians alum Len Barker.
When the Baseball as America exhibit
came to the Great Lakes Science Center
last year, these fans were also able to
attend a private showing.

Such treatment is not merely a reward for
the past and present but an investment in the
future. Children who visit the park with their
families and receive a once in a lifetime experience become the ticket holders of tomorrow. They’re the lifelong fans who will regale
their grandchildren with stories of shagging
fly balls in the outfield at the ballpark during
batting practice when they were 10.

Like professional athletes, these results
don’t come without quite a bit of training
first. Before opening day, the organization
holds its own Spring Training Orientation
for newly hired associates, and then continues to hone their skills with classes
offered through its All Star College. The
“Going to the Show” class, for example,
teaches employees how both verbal and
nonverbal communication skills can contribute to a positive fan experience —
regardless of the score at the end of nine

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