Women Who Excel – Perspectives ’12: Keep running the race

As we look ahead to the Olympics this year, we will see many inspiring athletes fulfill their dreams. Of course, we only see the winning results, but there’s no doubt it took years of training to reach the heights of global competition.

Whether or not we are medal-winning athletes, you and I can relate to pursuing a vision until it becomes real. We also know that perseverance plays a huge part in reaching success. It’s that step-by-step, daily effort that leads to building a business, meeting a sales goal or crossing the finish line. Because you’re a forward-thinking leader, I’m sure you’ve seen that sticking to your goals helps you achieve great things.

At Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, perseverance is one of the keys to meeting our vision of improving the lives of the people we serve. By maintaining that vision over many years, we’ve been able to:

  • Create new ways to connect with our members.
  • Develop leading health and wellness plans that reflect our diverse member groups.
  • Teach communities all around our country that their healthy lifestyle choices touch the lives of those around them.
  • Inspire kids and their families to choose (and stick with) healthy habits
  • Support improving the health of our communities to help reduce health care costs now and in the future.

Yes, Anthem has a big mission. But we also know what it takes to achieve our goals: It starts with a company of people who never give up on the shared vision to serve our members and communities. We at Anthem, like the Olympic athletes, believe that passion for your goals leads to success. So let’s keep in mind what author Walter Elliott said, “Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another.”

Keep running your race in business and life — we’re cheering for you every step of the way.

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Perspectives 2012: Women Who Excel – Panelists:

Candace Klein

Esther Potash

Robin Baum

Dr. Kandice Kottke-Marchant

Patricia Adams